European Fire Safety Week 2020

Remarkable success for the European Fire Safety Week 2020
On the 17-18-19th November, five high-level online events about fire safety were co-organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA). More than 32 speakers succeeded to share their expertise, draft recommendations, bring their concerns, request to bridge gaps and lead EuroFSA in defining the actions to be undertaken by the next edition in 2021.  The European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) is now fully and concretely equipped to engage with the European Commission with clear and strong messages on how improving fire safety for all. In this edition – that attracted more than 650 registrations, The EuroFSA was honoured to be heavily supported by Members of the European Parliament Maria da Graça Carvalho (Portugal), Sean Kelly (Ireland), Adam Kosa (Hungary), Carlos Zorrinho (Portugal) and Zeljana Zovko. (PDF quick summary)

Next step towards implementation of the European Fire Safety Action Plan
The European Fire Safety Alliance felt proud and privileged to get surrounded by the highest fire safety experts. Each event was linked to a specific Focus Area identified as key in the European Fire Safety Action Plan.

Watch here the recordings and PDF presentations of the European Fire Safety Week 2020

  • Webinar #1 – November 17th – Vulnerable people & fire safety with MEP Ádám Kósa
    Presentations | Recordings
  • Webinar #2 – November 17th – Fire safety awareness with MEP Sean Kelly
    Presentations | Recordings
  • Webinar #3 – November 18th – Smoke propagation in domestic buildings – problems and solutions with prof. Rene Hagen
    Presentations | Recordings
  • Webinar #4 – November 19th – Energy transition in transports with Paul Otxoterena and prof. Ulf Björnstig
    Presentations | Recordings
  • Webinar #5 – November 19th – The stake of the energy transition for buildings – fire safety competency with MEPs Željana Zovko, Maria da Graça Carvalho and Carlos Zorrinho
    Presentations | Recordings

Next: European Fire Safety Week 2021
The third European Fire Safety Week delivers research, studies and reports that highlight the dangers from fire in the home. We will deliver strong consistent best practise messages on home fire safety by respected fire professionals at national and EU level. And you are welcome to join!

European Fire Safety week: our aims

We want to improve awareness on fire safety toward stakeholders and EU policy makers.
We connect the various initiatives on fire safety to organize more focus on the issue.
You and our stakeholders share best practices within EU Member States.
Together we solve the gaps in Fire Safety knowledge, data, legislation and standards.