European Fire Safety Week 2021


10 actions to improve fire safety in Europe. What the EU can do...

Monday 29 November

Opening European Fire Safety Week 2021
The growing vulnerable community
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Tuesday 30 November

Dangerous reduction in escape times
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Wednesday 1 December

Energy Transition and fire safety
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Thursday 2 December

Realise EU-Wide data on residential fires
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Closing European Fire Safety Week 2021

European Fire Safety week: our aims

We want to improve awareness on fire safety toward stakeholders and EU policy makers.
We connect the various initiatives on fire safety to organize more focus on the issue.
You and our stakeholders share best practices within EU Member States.
Together we solve the gaps in Fire Safety knowledge, data, legislation and standards.

During the European Fire Safety Week we will discuss European Fire Safety topics based on science and knowledge of fire safety professionals. With one objective: what can the Commission do, what can the European Parliament do in cooperation with all relevant partners to improve European Fire Safety?

You are welcome to join

The third European Fire Safety Week delivers research, studies and reports that highlight the dangers from fire in the home. We will deliver strong consistent best practise messages on home fire safety by respected fire professionals at national and EU level. And you are welcome to join!

Under the umbrella of the European Fire Safety Alliance the European Fire Safety Weeks 2019 and 2020 brought together a large range of stakeholders, such as academics, fire experts, industry players and policy makers to discuss key issues for improving fire safety.

Do you share our mission and ambitions on one of our 6 themes? You are very welcome to join.
1. Growing vulnerable community.
2. Dangerous decrease escape times.
3. Energy transition.
4. Awareness of fire safety.
5. EU-wide data on residential fires.
6. EU-wide communication and collaboration.

In the European Fire Safety Week 2021 there are many opportunities to present your important fire safety information. If you and your organisation is interested to join the European Fire Safety Week 2021. Contact us!

European Fire Safety Award 2021
Who will follow the Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue Service from Denmark – with their project FireFightersPlus – and become the next winner of the European Fire Safety Award 2021? WE are looking forward to your project!

The first European Fire Safety Award winner ‘FireFightersPlus’ was submitted by the Frederiksborg Fire & Rescue Service from Denmark on behalf of 6 project partners. The objective of the project is to offer high-quality training and support to firefighters on how to use their position as both experts and role models to promote fire safety among the most vulnerable groups.

This project gives an important impulse to change the focus of firefighters across Europe by using their knowledge, skills and high credibility to help change the behaviour and improving the awareness of the EU’s citizens.

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The European Fire Safety Action Plan focusses with 10 actions on European fire safety of the residential environment. Based on science and the knowledge of fire safety experts, this European Fire Safety Action Plan aims to improve European Fire Safety. In a nutshell: The European Fire Safety Action Plan is the agenda for European Fire Safety for the next coming years. Join us. We’ll keep you posted!

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