22 NOV 2024

European Fire Safety Week 2024

Together we will bridge the gaps in Fire Safety knowledge, data, legislation and standards through the exchange of the best practices within the EU member states.

“Let’s protect people from fire”

Message from the Chair

Krzysztof Biskup

Chair European Fire Safety Alliance

Dear European fire safety professionals, colleagues and friends,

On behalf of the European Fire Safety Alliance and our esteemed partners, I am pleased to invite you to the sixth edition of the European Fire Safety Week. Over the last four years, we have consistently pursued numerous initiatives with the common goal of improving fire safety across the EU and contributing to the implementation of the European Fire Safety Action Plan.

This year’s edition promises to be equally fruitful and inspiring with the participation of representatives from the EU institutions, fire safety specialists, researchers and other relevant stakeholders. This wide and diverse group once again highlights the importance of our common mission: to improve fire safety for all EU residents.

Fire safety is impacted by and impacts many EU policies and initiatives, especially those related to the ongoing energy transition and Renovation Wave. Therefore, this year, in addition to thematic workshops and webinars, we also want to take stock of fire safety progress at the EU level in 2019-2023 and discuss priorities for coming future.

Our team is diligently preparing for European Fire Safety Week (EUFSW24) and we look forward to sharing further details with you shortly. We are delighted to announce the support of the Members of the European Parliament: Adam Jarubas, Sean Kelly and Maria da Graca Carvalho, Carlos Zorrinho and the contribution of the European Commission representatives: Stefan Moser from DG ENER as well as Katharina Knapton-Vierlich and Heikki Väänänen from DG GROW, Francois Augendre, Silvia Dimova from DG JRC and Aleksandra Klenke from DG MOVE.

Make sure you join us during the EUFSW24 and save the dates!


Meetings in person in Brussels and live online

There are no costs involved in participating in the events. The location of the event is included in the program of the particular event. Online meetings: you will receive the link to participate and any further login instructions in your confirmation.

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European Fire Safety Award 2025

Submitting deadline: Wednesday, Januari 15th 2025, 23h59

The Ceremony of the 2025 edition of the European Fire Safety Award is going to be celebrated during the 8th International Safety Education Seminar in Levi, Lapland, Finland, March 2025. We look forward to all the great projects that have been implemented in the European countries. If you want to submit a project, see the regulations and fill out the application form.

European Fire Safety week: our aims

You and our stakeholders share best practices within EU Member States.

Together we solve the gaps in Fire Safety knowledge, data, legislation and standards.

We want to improve awareness on fire safety toward stakeholders and EU policy makers.

We connect the various initiatives on fire safety to organize more focus on the issue.