PROGRAM: Thursday November 17th

6. WEBINAR: Enforcing fire safety requirements in Europe: How to ensure stricter compliance? (10h00-12h00 CET)

The objective of the online event ‘Enforcing fire safety requirements in Europe: How to ensure stricter compliance?’ is to set the basis for a holistic approach to product compliance: a common responsibility to all relevant actors in the fire safety ecosystem.
It aims to bring relevant decision makers from EU Institutions, Member State authorities, Fire Services, and Industry together to identify common actions how to improve fire safety compliance of products.

Product compliance with fire safety requirements has shown some deficiencies across Europe. Occasionally, people do not get ‘what is promised’ and this puts them at risk in the event of a fire. Furthermore, insufficient product compliance enforcement by regulators as well as lack of commitment by economic operators representing the whole fire safety ecosystem has and continues to allow for a widespread dissemination of substandard products in the European market.

Compliance and enforcement are a common responsibility. All relevant stakeholders should contribute and play an active role to ensure that only compliant products are placed on the market for the sake of European citizens’ safety.


Welcome and Opening

Mr. René Hagen Netherlands European Fire Safety Alliance

Moderator: Mr. Alberto Lampasona, Director Public Affairs, Europacable


Products compliance and fire safety: two sides of same coin

Mr. Joost Ebus Netherlands Fire officer and fire investigator NIPV

Substandard products putting consumers at risk: Results of a dedicated survey on cables

Dirk Hoogenboom Netherlands Research Consultant, USP Marketing Consultancy

Enhancing compliance:

  • The Notify Bodies perspective
    Mrs. Yannick Le Tallec, Certification Director, Efectis
  • The National Authorities perspective
    Mr. Richard Butler,
    Senior Professional, National Building Control and Market Surveillance Office of the Republic of Ireland
  • The EU Institutions perspective
    Ms. Eva, Kukovec
    , Legal Officer, DG GROW H.1 – Construction, European Commission
  • The industry perspective
    Mr. Nicola Scirocco, Chair CPR Compliance & Communication WG, Europacable


Mr. Lampasona Director Public Affairs, Europacable


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7. WEBINAR: Recognizing Fire Safety in Revised EU legislation (14h00-15h30 CET)

Today, significant EU frameworks, such as the General Product Safety Directive, the Construction Products Regulation and the Toys directive, are being revised and strengthened to better protect the EU citizens in an ever-changing and technology-advancing Europe.

Electrical goods & appliances, building & construction materials, and furniture & mattresses in particular pose a fire threat to lives and possessions – approximately 5,000 people lose their life each year as a result of fires in the EU. The revision of these pieces of legislation offer an opportunity to better recognise the importance of Fire safety across Member States – protecting lives and materials. This session will look at what can be done today and what more needs to be considered with respect to achieving a higher, more harmonised, level of Fire Safety in the European Union.

14h00 (CET)

Welcome and Opening

Rene Hagen Netherlands European Fire Safety Alliance

Moderator: Patrick Fox, Head of Public Affairs & Advocacy, BSEF



Current status of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – How construction products can contribute to fire safe buildings in the EU

Oscar Nieto Sanz DG Grow

Case study – The future of ETA route in the revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Sebastian Wall EOTA

What more can be done? – Better recognition of Fire Safety at EU level and role of flame retardants

Sander Kroon ICL Group / BSEF representative



Closing Remarks

Patrick Fox BSEF


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