PROGRAM: Monday November 14th

1. WEBINAR: Fire safety of vulnerable people (10h00-12h30 CET)

From the European Fire Safety Action Plan we know that there is a growing vulnerable community and a dangerous reduction in escape time.

In this webinar the latest research from Belgium and the Netherlands is presented on the risk of smoke propagation and what can be done to prevent the risk for vulnerable people. Different strategies: escape, defend- and stay-in-place and necessary corresponding measures will be discussed, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a human behaviour point of view.

Opening of the European Fire Safety Week 2022


Welcome and introduction

Lieuwe de Witte Netherlands Institute for Public Safety

Opening European Fire Safety Week 2022

Krzysztof Biskup Poland Chair European Fire Safety Alliance

Impact of smoke control on the evacuation safety in residential care buildings (the VIPA studies)

Pieter Poppe Belgium ISIB FIRE

Why is smoke control so important in residential care buildings? And what kind of fire safety measures can be applied to assure a safe evacuation of the non-self-reliant occupants of residential care buildings?
An answer to these and other questions related to the spread of smoke will be threated during this presentation.


What is the reliability of an escape- or a stay-in-place-concept?

Ruud van Liempd Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Public Safety

How much lower is the reliability for more vulnerable people? Can fire safety measures enlengthen the available safe time for a escape- or a stay-in-place-concept? If you want to know the answers to these questions please join my presentation.


Human behaviour in an escape- and stay-in-place-concept

Margo Karemaker The Netherlands Netherlands Institute for Public Safety

In this presentation we will focus on human behaviour in both an escape concept as well as a stay-in-place concept. How do people react in the event of a fire and what do we need to keep in mind in order to get people to react in a safe way?


Round table discussion

discussion led by Lieuwe de Witte, moderator Netherlands Institute for Public Safety

Closing remarks

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2. ROUNDTABLE WEBINAR: Carbon Monoxide (CO): Critical skills and awareness of heating professionals and first responders (16h00-17h30 CET)

This Roundtable will focus on the link between energy poverty (a problem more serious from skyrocketing energy prices & inflation), CO and gas safety.

Increasing energy poverty causes vulnerable households to neglect heating appliance inspections & testing or switch to unsafe alternatives such as gas stoves or barbecues used indoors to keep warm – introducing a high risk of CO death and injury.

Panelists will discuss various training, up- and re-skilling initiatives for heating professionals (installers, inspectors, etc), emergency personnel, fire brigades & other first responders within the context of the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), building renovation strategies and growing energy poverty.



Ms Isabella Myers, moderator BSc DIC MSc MRSB, Independent Consultant

Re- and up-skilling: key to make the green transition happen

Mr Tim Schreiber Policy Officer ‘Skills for the Green Transition, Innovation and higher VET’ at the European Commission’s DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion


Critical skills and awareness of heating professionals and first responders


Education and awareness of firefighters: the Polish case – Mr Adrian Bucalowski, Deputy Director of the Civil Protection Department, State Fire Service, Poland
(PDF Presentation)

Installers’ skills – Mr Fernando Sigchos Jiménez, Secretary-General of the European Builders Confederation (EBC)

Heating professionals’ competences: the UK’s Digital Benchmark – Mr Stewart Clements, Director of the UK’s Heating & Hotwater Council, HHIC
(PDF Presentation)

Training and awareness of gas distributors (title tbc) – Mr Wayne Merry, Project Lead at Cadent Gas Ltd.
(PDF Presentation)

Professional skills and safety challenges in a context of growing energy poverty – Mr Jason Perrins, Managing Director of Fireblitz.
(PDF Presentation)

Moderator to ask panelists two guiding questions




Closing remarks by CoGDEM EU

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