International Safety Education Seminar 2023

Program - thursday November 23rd

Theme 1: Fire Safety Strategic Planning

Current fire safety and prevention work in Ukraine

Olesya Babii (UKR) and Iryna Tarasiuk Ukraine

Initial feedback for the evaluation of the EuroFS Action Plan

Krzysztof Biskup Poland EuroFSA
PDF Presentation

Safe and Incident Free Daily Life 2025

Jari Lepistö Finland
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Theme 2: Target Audiences 1/2

Improving fire safe behavior among the elderly

Margo Karemaker Netherlands
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Veerle De Decker Belgium

Fire and civil protection education in a European capital city

Dominik Zeidler Austria
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Theme 2: Target Audiences 2/2

How to influence youth fire safety behavior

Dan Sundblom, Saana Rikkilä, Alisa Puustinen Finland

Electrical Fire Safety advocacy

Olivier Tissot Belgium
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Fire Safety in the Humanitarian Sector

Helen Underhill United Kingdom
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Theme 3: Risk Analysis

Fostering behavior change through educational messaging

Andrea Vastis USA

100 years/100 cities: Evaluation of Urban Fire Risks

Peter Wagner Germany
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Fire Suppression studies for LI-Ion batteries

Judy Jeevarajan USA

Xplorlabs: The Science of Thermal Runaway

Kelly Keena USA

Program - friday November 24th

Presentation of 3 shortlisted projects European Fire Safety Award

Theme 4: Fire safety education in schools

Together Safe Fire Brigade

Wolfgang Reisinger Austria

Enhancing safety culture in schools - experiences from ONNI programme

Brita Somerkoski, Matti Waitinen, Eila Lindfors Finland
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Advanced Platform for f.s. education

Loreta Kelbauskaite Serpyte Lithuania
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Theme 5: Risks and Research

Impact of smoke control on evacuation safety

Pieter Poppe Belgium

Smoke propagation in residential buildings

Lieuwe De Witte Netherlands
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Theme 6: Innovation, Technology and Education 1/2

EduFIRE - Wildfire education using project-based learning

Conceição Colaço Portugal
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IT products for fire and safety

Anna Gotsiridze Moldavia
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AI & accessible info: easy communicate complex solutions

Walburga Fröhlich Austria

Theme 6: Innovation, Technology and Education 2/2

Intelligent fire detection sensor solution

Viktor Saaremets Estonia