European Fire Safety Award - Procedure

Procedure European Fire Safety Award 2021

 Article 1  – Aims and goals

  1. The “European Fire Safety Award 2021” (EFSA 2021) is organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) and the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations (FEU).
  2. The goal of EFSA 2021 is rewarding the best community fire safety projects focused on: raising fire safety awareness, changing human behaviour, inspiring education on fire safety, submitted by a natural or a legal person based in Europe.

Article 2  – Selection criteria

  1. Only projects described in accordance with the criteria included in the registration form described in Article 4 are eligible for the European Fire Safety Award 2021.
  2. Only projects whose date (year) of official completion is not earlier than 2017 are eligible for the EFSA 2021.
  3. The date of the official completion of the project referred to in Article 2 (2) shall be confirmed by a written declaration attached to the registration form, issued by the institution (consortium leader) that implemented the project.
  4. Winning projects from previous editions of the European Fire Safety Award cannot be submitted again.
  5. The projects are evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • ambition of the project
    • the relationship with the community
    • presentation
    • originality
    • innovative character
    • social added value (for the population)
    • impact of the project
    • reproducibility
    • administrative completeness.

Article 3 –  Selection

  1. The selection process is two stage:
    • Stage I – nomination of the best three projects for the award by a jury that will consist of FEU experts appointed by the FEU Board – the final three
    • Stage II – selection of the winning project out of the final three, by a jury consisting of three members of the Core Group of the EuroFSA.
  1. During a closed meeting each jury assesses the projects on the basis of the selection criteria specified in Article 2.
  2. At the Stage I, the jury draws up a list 3 nominated best projects and hands it over to the jury of the Stage II selection.
  3. At the Stage II, jury selects the winning project among 3 nominated within Stage I, based on the scores on the selection criteria.
  4. No one of the jury of stage 1 can or will be appointed in the jury of stage 2.
  5. The jury’s decision are irrevocable and no appeal is possible.
  6. The projects are assessed and treated strictly confidential by the juries.
  7. The juries will decide by simple majority.
  8. The names of the individual jury members will not be announced, before and during the selection process.

Article 4  – Registrations

  1. Registrations must be received by the FEU secretariat by November 1st, 2021, 23:h59 at the latest.
  2. The registration is done exclusively via the registration form that is available on the website European Fire Safety Alliance.
  3. The projects must be presented in English.
  4. The completed registration form can only be sent by email to

Article 5 – Legal and ethical rules

  1. The author of the project is responsible for its content.
  2. The registration does not imply a transfer of copyright, with the exception of what follows.
  3. The FEU and the EuroFSA acquire the right to use the registered projects for publications of a journalistic nature and to make them available to third parties, stating the source.
  4. The registrant indemnifies the FEU and the EuroFSA against all claims from third parties for copyright infringement.
  5. Projects must not violate applicable law, and must not contain assertions, facts, information or quotes that could incite discrimination based on race, opinion, nationality, gender, profession or other beliefs.

Article 6 – Exclusion of a project

  1. The FEU and the EuroFSA reserve the right to exclude a project via the members of the juries if it has not been submitted in time, in part or in its entirety, or is inconsistent with one or more provisions of the regulations.
  2. In all cases not covered by these rules, the chair of the juries decides.

Article 7 – Attendance at the Ceremony of the European Fire Safety Award 2021

  1. The nominees must be present during the Award Ceremony on March 24th, 2022 or have themselves represented in the event.
  2. The costs of participation of one representative of each of the three nominated projects, involving transport cost (flight or train tickets) as well as the accommodation cost in a hotel will be reimbursed by the organisers of the EFSA 2021 up to an amount not exceeding 500 Euro for one person.
  3. Costs referred to in paragraph 2 must be agreed in advance with the organizers of the EFSA 2021. All tickets and invoices need to be presented before reimbursing.

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