European Fire Safety Award - Procedure

The European Fire Safety Award is organised by the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations; a non-profit organisation better known as the FEU, and the European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA).
All initiatives within the scope of community fire safety in EU Member States can be submitted. For example national campaigns from fire services, burns associations and fire protection associations. With the introduction of the European Fire Safety Award, we want to promote community fire safety: rising awareness, changing human behavior and inspiring education on fire safety. We want to highlight the results of successful national Fire Safety projects and make them available to all European countries. Because fire safety does not stop at the border.

Aims of the European Fire Safety Award

  • Promotion of community fire safety initiatives in the EU Members States (e.g.: social campaigns, fire safety education initiatives and methods, research on human interaction, creating a safety culture…).
  • Distinction of persons and/or institutions organizing best local, regional or national community fire safety initiatives.
  • Encouraging to organize local, regional or national community fire safety initiatives.
  • Drawing attention of decision-makers to the importance of community fire safety.
  • Convincing MEPs and/or EC officials of the need to emphasize on societal fire safety issues next to technical fire safety.
  • Pointing the EU-level as privileged “platform” for sharing the initiatives and ideas on community fire safety.

Expected results

  • Increase the importance of community fire safety by promoting best initiatives.
  • Increased awareness of decision-makers on the importance of community fire safety.

Format and timeline

1st of October 2019
Submission of initiatives by representatives of EU member states – members of the FEU Council

12th of October 2019
Nomination of the best three initiatives for the Award, nominated by the members of the FEU board

28th of October 2019
Selection of the winning initiative by the core group of the EuroFSA

21st of November 2019
Presentation of the three nominees and Award Ceremony for the winning initiative. This will take place during the Meeting with the MEPs during the Fire Safety Week (date with reservation).


The Fire Safety Week Award is coordinated by Chris Addiers – FEU and Krzysztof Biskup – EuroFSA