European Fire Safety Award - Shortlist

Projects nominated for the European Fire Safety Award 2021

We have the pleasure to announce that the following three projects have been nominated for the European Fire Safety Award 2021. The winning project will be announced during the Ceremony of the European Fire Safety Award 2021, which will take place at the 6th International Safety Education Seminar – ISES 2021 in Dublin, Ireland on 8th December 2021.
The project was aimed at creating fire safety awareness among vulnerable people. It main results are the website and an interactive game specially designed for people who face difficulties in understanding extensive and/or complex information. Developed fire safety information is prepared and tailored for the following target groups: illiterate, low-income households, people with mental disabilities, people with limited knowledge of the Dutch language in combination with limited knowledge of fire safety (e.g. refugees). was developed the Veiligheidsregio Midden- en West-Brabant (, The Netherlands. More information …

This project has developed the first harmonised fire safety programme for post primary schools across Europe. This is teacher led fire safety education resource for post primary students that is interesting, fun and enjoyable for both teacher and students. The new resource has been developed to place student wellbeing and personal safety at the center of learning. The resource aims to ensure students learn the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to keep themselves and others from fire.

BFireSafe@School was developed by a project consortium of 9 partners from 7 EU countries, lead by the Leitrim County Fire Service from Ireland.
More information …

Fire Adventure (original Vuuravontuur)
The first objective of the project is to learn families about fire safety in a pleasant and funny way. The second objective is for children and their mentors to get to learn about the fire brigade and it tasks.
Coronavirus time has appealed to the creativity of many people, including at the Noord-Limburg emergency fire zone. Fire Brigades were no longer allowed to receive outsiders in fire stations, what resulted in stopping a fire safety education activities. By looking at what was still allowed, the idea arose to provide an outside activities about fire safety that people could do with their own “bubble”. This is how the idea of creating a walk in fire safety was born. From the very beginning, the focus was on children, as building a “fireproof society” should start at an early age. The idea for an interactive walk was created as an alternative to so far educational activities adopted to the times of the coronavirus.

Fire Adventure was developed by the Hulpverleningszone Noord-Limburg, Belgium. More information …

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European Fire Safety Award Winners

_____ 2019 _________________________________________________

The Board of the Federation of the European Union Fire Officers (FEU) nominated 3 projects for the European Fire Safety Award 2019. The winner of the European Fire Safety Award 2019 was announced during the Opening ceremony of the European Fire Safety Week. (European Parliament, Brussels: 18 November 2019)

Winner: Firefighters Plus, Frederiksborg FRS, Denmark

2nd place: Safe at Home, Safety Region Noord & Oost Gelderland, Netherlands

3rd place: Gemeinsam Sicher Feuerwehr, Österreichischer Bundesfeuerwehrverband, Austria

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