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Press Release – All together for the European Fire Safety Week


31th October 2019 – For its very first edition, the European Fire Safety Week will gather, from the 18th to 21st November 2019, a myriad of activities related to fire safety. Under the umbrella of the European Fire Safety Alliance, a large range of stakeholders are organizing an international congress, education seminars, conferences and meetings with Members of the European Parliament. The European Fire Safety Week will start with the Award Ceremony and the launch of an Exhibition in the European Parliament.

Fire Safety touches all European citizens. 5,000 people die because of fire each year. Many more persons are injured. The European Fire Safety Alliance initiates the European Fire Safety Week to raise awareness among policy-makers and stakeholders on this issue.

We believe that most of the European fire victims in the home are preventable! Many individuals, industry and organisations from the professional fire sector will share creative, pragmatic and successful initiatives to reduce fire risk during this first European Fire Safety Week. This first step to combine knowledge and best practices will lead to a European approach that will save lives.”   Elie van Strien, Chair of the European Fire Safety Alliance

The European Fire Safety Week will start with the 12th International Congress Fire Safety & Science in Arnhem, followed by a large meeting of European Fire Officers associations in Copenhagen. From the 18th to the 21st, 4 days of high-level conferences will take place in Brussels. Days are shaped by 4 main themes: Community Fire Safety, Building Fire Safety, Electrical Safety & Energy Transition, Furniture Fire Safety & Smoke Spread in residential buildings. In parallel in Antwerp, the International Safety & Education Seminar will gather to exchange experiences concerning fire safety awareness. Themes like research, focus on target audiences, communication, innovation and behavioural change including overseas experiences will be presented and discussed.

The outcome of the European Fire Safety week will be consolidated into a report that will pave the way for the next two years. This major piece of work will be presented to the European Parliament in March 2020 to secure further progress in Fire Safety. The European Fire Safety Week and the report to be issued in March 2020 will contribute to the Fire Information Exchange Platform, initiated by the European Commission in 2017.

Partners of the Week:
Federation of the European Union Fire Officers Associations (FEU) – Dutch Fire Service Academy (IFV) – Dutch Burns Foundation – European Fire Safety Alliance – Organisation for Burns Scar Aftercare and Research (OSCARE) –  Antwerp Fire Service – Flame Retardants Europe (FRE) – Modern Building Alliance (MBA) – Europacable – European Aluminium – Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Protection (COgDEM) – European Copper Institute – European Fire Sprinkler Network – European Association of Electrical Contractors (AIE) – International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users (Fisuel) – European Committee of Electrical Installation Equipment Manufacturers (CECAPI).

Additional information: http://www.firesafetyweek.eu



About EuroFSA:
The European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) shares national knowledge and innovations on international level. We form an independent alliance of fire professionals and prevention specialists that does not support any individual fire safety product, technology or commercial organization. EuroFSA is an authority on fire risk, based on a strong statistical evidence. We do research, support and encourage research, studies and reports that highlight the dangers from fire in the home and support their widespread availability. We focus on sharing knowledge and we deliver strong scientific relevant consistent messages on home fire safety.

Press Contact: Elie Van Strien  –  Phone number +31 62 24 36 934  –  Email address [email protected]


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