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European Fire Safety Sector launches support campaign calling for a EU Fire Safety Strategy

Ahead of the 2024 European elections, organisations representing consumers, fire experts and industries actively working on fire safety in the European Union have launched a support campaign calling for a EU Fire Safety Strategy. Members of the European Parliament, candidates, and crucial stakeholder organizations/companies are invited to endorse the manifesto ‘Keeping EU citizens fire safe in all buildings’. The Manifesto calls for the European institutions to prioritize fire safety in buildings and to develop and promote a consistent strategy with Member States for the fire safety of people in buildings, especially considering current fire safety unmitigated risks and new challenges posed by the European Green Deal’s focus on decarbonizing buildings.

This campaign comes at a crucial time when nearly 450 million EU citizens, who spend 90% of their time in various buildings, are poised to elect their representatives in the European Parliament and shape the agenda for the coming years.

For more information on the campaign and to lend your support to the manifesto, please visit: www.keepeufiresafe.org

Significant support has already been garnered from various Members of the European Parliament, Seán Kelly (EPP, Ireland), Carlos Zorrinho (S&D, Portugal), Ciarán Cuffe (Greens/EFA, Ireland), Maria da Graça Carvalho (EPP, Portugal), Adam Jarubas (EPP, Poland), Niels Fuglsang (S&D, Denmark) and Billy Kelleher (Renew, Ireland) as well as numerous stakeholders in the fire safety and construction sector.

The European Fire Safety Alliance believes that the European Union institutions have both high potential and great interest to coordinate action and support Members States because fire safety is impacts and is impacted by many EU policies and initiatives.

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