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Winner European Fire Safety Award 2023

The project Feel Safe by Save the Children, Italy is the winner of the European Fire Safety Award. Congratulations!

Feel Safe introduces children to an interactive methodology where experience becomes a decisive factor in learning. The entire process is primarily based on the collective processing of ideas and interaction with the environment in a fun and engaging way. The project suggests creative activities through the application of the Feel Safe website, directly supporting the educational system in planning and integrating educational modules on various hazards into school curricula.

The innovative Feel Safe approach gained the recognition of the Jury, resulting in the prestigious European Fire Safety Award 2023. Congratulations once again on this well-deserved distinction!

Two additional projects: Beat the fire by by Foundation MAPFRE and City Fire Brigade of Madrit, Spain (left) and Fire Brigade VR experience by Veiligheidsregio Zaanstreek – Waterland, The Netherlands (right) were selected as the top three. Both projects were rewarded with a certificate of recognition and well-deserved congratulations.

About the European Fire Safety Award

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