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We need to increase fire safety for European citizens!

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Register for the European Parliament Breakfast Meeting March 25th. Hosted by MEP Pernille Weiss, the EuroFSA will present the 10 steps to control Fire Safety in Europe. #Brussels

These 10 steps are the recommendations out of the EU Action Plan on Fire Safety. This plan is based on the outcomes of the also first ever European Fire Safety Week (EuroFSW), held last November in Brussel (Belgium).
Stakeholders, firefighters, academics and industry came together in the European Fire Safety Week to discuss how to improve fire safety around Europe. Important research, studies and reports that highlighted the dangers from fire in the home were presented. It delivered strong consistent best practice messages on home fire safety by respected fire professionals at national and EU Level. We thank all involved parties who made it possible to draw attention to the themes Community Fire Safety, Building Fire Safety, Electrical Safety and Energy Transition, Furniture Fire Safety and Smoke Spread in residential buildings. They delivered a great contribution to this EU Action Plan on Fire Safety.

For registration: send and e-mail to [email protected]. Please state your name, company an cellphone number.
Note: a limited number of places is available!


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