Our Focus » Electrical Fire Safety

Consumer electronics, in particular televisions, are a significant domestic fire hazard. In 2001, independent research estimated that more than 40% of TV fires in the EU are caused by external ignition sources such as candles. To correct this fire safety issue, in 2009 the European Union introduced a new manufacturing standard (EN60065 – Am 11) which requires that all TVs sold in Europe must comply with a “candle accessible area” requirement. In force since July 2010, this standard stipulates that the lower back of a television’s cover must resist candle flame ignition.

CE mark

The standard remains neutral as to the way (material, technology etc) in which it is respected, but TV manufacturers must demonstrate compliance with it in order to apply the CE mark to their products.

Technological developments in televisions have not diminished the underlying fire safety hazards which led to the introduction of the standard. Indeed, the evolution from traditional CRT TVs to LCD and Plasma models has resulted in TVs becoming even more prevalent in our homes. Today, we find them in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and increasingly, in children’s playrooms. This change has also increased their susceptibility to ignition from tea lights and candles placed not just adjacent but especially underneath the TV.

Fire safety objectives

The European Fire Safety Alliance believes that every year – indeed every day – the EN 60065-Am 11 standard plays an important role in helping to save lives and prevent many injuries in Europe. Any revision of this standard should maintain its capacity to ensure improved fire safety of televisions.
The European Fire Safety Alliance believes that all standardisation work related to the safety of consumer electronics should also incorporate fire safety objectives.