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Vision document on housing philosophy Fire Service South Limburg

This vision document contains a short summary of the building concept of the main fire station Middenweg in Sittard, South Limburg, Netherlands.

Basis principles for the Fire Service South Limburg regarding the fire station Middenweg have been:

• Innovation
• Transparency
• Example Function
• Efficiency

• Innovation: regards process, technique and organisation, and therefore also housing.
• Transparency: should be reflected in an easily accessible organisation and housing. This contributes to better knowledge sharing, better communication and better cooperation, both internal and external.
Apart from this, a socially responsible appearance and making citizens aware of ‘fire safe living’ are important goals.
The fire service must be able to look outside and the outside world is able to take a look at the inner world of the fire service. The building should be inviting to citizens, both for visiting and for asking information.
• The example function: should lead to a fire service organisation that sets ‘the good example’. Housing should therefore invite to giving information and it should be a sustainable and certified fire safe building.
• Efficiency: flexibility regarding workspaces (fewer costs), high quality of workspaces (higher productivity), less absenteeism and more knowledge sharing.

Working Concept
There should be ample knowledge exchange (internal connections), spontaneous exchange of knowledge should be stimulated (both within the clusters and between the clusters). The fire service will develop into a more digital organisation.

The Office Concept
For the greater part there will be non-personalized workspaces. This means that in principle every workspace can be used by everyone (with the exception of ‘dedicated workspaces’ for e.g. management assistants).
The management has preferred workspaces, when they are present. If they are absent or working elsewhere, their workspaces can be used by everyone.
The reception of external guests must be inviting and welcoming.

Summary of vision document
Author: M. Kruizinga (Hevo)/G. van Klaveren
June 2011/December 2014

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