International Safety Education Seminar 2021

Program - thursday March 24th

Theme 1: Fire Safety Strategic Planning

European Fire Safety Action Plan

Krzysztof Biskup Poland
PDF Presentation

Fire Safety Strategic Planning in Ireland

John Barry Ireland
PDF Presentation

Danish Fire Safety Strategy 2021 – 2028

Cecilie Lillelund (DK) Danmark
PDF Presentation

Role of European Commission

Heikki Vaananen Finland
PDF Presentation

Theme 2: Target Audiences

Influencing fire behaviour of the elderly

Margo Karemaker The Netherlands
PDF Presentation

Fireworks… child’s play!

Veerle de Decker Belgium
PDF Presentation

Approach to vulnerable age groups in Denmark

Maria Wiktoria Karolini Danmark
PDF Presentation

Theme 3: Data Support

EU Fire Stat project

Rene Hagen The Netherlands
PDF Presentation

Predictive modelling applied in fire prevention

Laura Kuurne Finland
PDF Presentation

Lessons learned – 40 years of fire incident data in the USA

Birgitte Messerschmidt USA
PDF Presentation

Theme 4: Collaboration in fire safety education

Innovative partnerships: Schools, Firefighters and Fire Protection Engineers in Safety Science Learning

Kelly Keena UL USA
PDF Presentation

Staywise programme

Chris Bigland United Kingdom
PDF Presentation

Use of Mixed Reality in education

Alexandra Petty The Netherlands
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Program - friday March 25th

Presentation of 3 shortlisted projects European Fire Safety Award 2021

Concerns with Products of Fire and Smoke in Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

Judy Jeevarajan UL USA

Translating Research findings into Digital Storytelling to affect Behaviour Change

Jen Williams UL USA

Theme 5: Risks, Education and Technology

Risk Factory

Nick Boersma (NL) The Netherlands

Wildfire education

Celia Conde Spain
PDF Presentation

Smoke propagation research: focus on product safety

Lieuwe de Witte Netherlands
PDF Presentation

Using interactive VR games for teenagers

Claudia Dias Ferreira Portugal
PDF Presentation

Theme 6: Fire Risk Modelling

Community Risk Reduction in NSW FRS

Mike Morris Austria
PDF Presentation

National Unified Risk Operating Platform

Paul Duffy Ireland
PDF Presentation

Risks and education

Joao Pedro Lourenco Portugal
PDF Presentation

Theme 7: Innovation, Technology & Education

Rescue Heroes Game and eClass

Loreta Kelbauskaite Serpyte Lithuania
PDF Presentation

Virtual Reality App – Fire at Home

Javier Elorza Spain
PDF Presentation