10 actions that will improve Fire Safety in Europe

Most fires occur in homes and almost all are preventable. With the minimum of effort, we can protect thousands of people in Europe against fire. Because fire safety is a co-production, we aim at (multidisciplinary) cooperation. For that reason we present 10 actions in the European Fire Safety Action Plan.

The European Fire Safety Alliance is an independent alliance of fire professionals and exists to reduce the risk from fire.
Mission Statement About

Fire Safety Action Plan

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EU-wide collaboration

EU-wide communication and collaboration is essential in order to share (and connect) successful initiatives and best practices with each other and to realise a broad application of innovations.
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Upcoming Events

29mayalldayalldayFIEP meeting , Zagreb (postponed)Presentation of the European Fire Safety Action Plan(All Day: friday)

10sepallday12alldayFEU meeting, Turku, FinlandPRESENTATION OF THE EUROPEAN FIRE SAFETY ACTION PLAN(All Day)

16novallday22alldayEuropean Fire Safety Week 2020 event(All Day)

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Our Focus

Fires in the Homes

Each year in the European Union fire deaths total around 8,000 with ten times that many injuries, according to conservative estimates.

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Upholstered Furniture

Domestic furniture fires kill 1,500 people a year in Europe and seriously injure 15,000. This is a major hazard to consumers that has remained overlooked for more than 20 years.

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Carbon Monoxide

According to academic research accidental exposure to Carbon Monoxide kills on average 50 people every year in England and Wales alone.

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Electrical Fire Safety

Consumer electronics, in particular televisions, are a significant domestic fire hazard. In 2001, independent research estimated that more than 40% of TV fires in the EU are caused by external ignition sources such as candles.

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To measure is to know. Statistics allow us to draw conclusions out of the huge amount of data available. The European Fire Safety Alliance aims to share national data at European level.

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Community Fire Safety

Our Community Fire Safety prevention projects are meant to achieve behavioural change in targetgroups. By early intervention we try to prevent problems in the future. This ‘intervention’ can be formulated in different ways. For example by give the target group guidelines for fire safe behaviour. To reach effect it is necessary that the target group is positive about these advises. It is more effective to communicate the desired behaviour than to tell what they shouldn't do.

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