Independent on all subjects

The European Fire Safety Alliance is for their professional communication- and scientific work supported by The Fire Service Academy (NIPV) and the Dutch Burns Foundation. This fundament provides the Alliance the needed scientific- and organizational potential to act on European level. We form an independent alliance of fire professionals and prevention specialists that does not support any individual fire safety product, technology or commercial organization.

How independent can we be?
The work of the European Fire Safety Alliance is 100% funded by the NGO Dutch Burns Foundation, based on a yearly project budget. This Dutch organization grants this budget fromout their means. Dutch volunteers and donors are collecting their yearly budget of € 6.000.000,00.  The Foundation also collects earmarked donations from technical partners, without quid pro quo.

When a technical partner or commercial organisation makes a dontation to the Dutch Burns Foundation, the foundation makes clear that the donation does not and cannot  influence the policy (of the core group) of the European Fire Safety Alliance. The funding fromout the Dutch Burns Foundation to the European Fire Safety Alliance is so separated from the donation practice and policy of the Foundation. So the European Fire Safety Alliance can act independent on all subjects. Because the Dutch Burns Foundation is working under Dutch law, they will refund all donations directly to the partner or commercial organisation if there is any question or uncertainty on the level of transparency of the donor on this matter.

Secured independence
To secure the independence of the European Fire Safety Alliance a core group of individual professionals is formed to manage the projects on daily basis.
European transparency register 357212934460-62

EuroFSA works together with public partners (public institutions: fire & rescue services, governmental and EU  institutions, research entities, NGOs) and technical partners (trade associations, companies) who are a part of our network and share our independent mission and ambitions. They help to facilitate projects by advice, co-working and providing earmarked donations.
Do you have questions about our policy on partnerships? Or do you want to become a Technical Partner? Please feel free to contact us!