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European Fire safety Alliance participates in International Safety Education Seminar

International Fire Safety Education Seminar

The 4th International Safety Education Seminar takes place from 7-8 June 2017 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This years theme is: Reaching out, how to involve people in Fire Safety. Reaching out, that is what we do. But do we really involve people in Fire Safety? Do we reach our goals? Do we influence fire safety behaviour? This seminar is for anyone working with fire safety. It provides them with instruments to enhance skills, share experiences and share knowledge with colleagues from other countries.
Many developments negatively affect the fire safety of the community. This occurs not only in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries. A few examples are the aging of the population, the increasing multicultural society and the arrival of refugees.
As there is so much common ground and shared challenges across the borders, it is good to share and discuss these developments, the associated risks and solutions and our experiences. Many of the participants have several years of experience with Community Fire Safety. It is important to measure the quality and impact of our work in order to identify the activities that are the most effective.
Because the European Fire Safety Alliance is a project to reduce risk of fire and believes that the vast majority of fire fatalities that occur at an accidental fire is preventable, we warmly welcome and support the International Safety Education Seminar. Therefor we contribute on this Seminar by financial means and by participation of our Chair Mike Hagen as Chairman of the International Safety Education Seminar 2017.
For further information about the Seminar, visit: https://www.internationalsafetyeducationseminar2017.nl/

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