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MEP’s and the EU Commission representatives support the European Fire Safety Action Plan

Many fruitful exchanges on fire safety took place today during our online conference hosted by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), Pernille Weiss (DK, EPP) and Carlos Zorrinho (PT, S&D).

Representatives of the European Commission from DG GROW, DG ECHO, the JRC, four MEPs and numerous stakeholders joined the discussion to establish our six priority focus areas where fire safety should be improved according to EuroFSA.

What is the role of the EU?
We recalled that fire safety was taken into account in recent political developments, such as an own-initiative report voted in at beginning of September. We also state that compliance and enforcement of the current regulations are crucial to ensure the fire safety of buildings. This requires the presence of the proper skills and competencies during all stages of the building’s lifetime, from design and construction to maintenance. MEP’s and the EU Commission representatives agree that the EU has a huge role to improve European Fire Safety. So, we need to share relevant information and research to help the EU to improve European Fire Safety.

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