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Present your work at the International Safety Education Seminar 2023


The 7th International Safety Education Seminar 2023 will take place at the Design Center in Linz (Austria) on November 23rd and 24th, 2023. You are invited to present your work. 
The main themes of this year’s seminar are focussed on:

  • fire safety education from Kindergarten to University
  • fire safety strategic planning
  • how to influence the fire safety behaviour of various age groups
  • use of data analysis / statistics, scientific research and fire risk models in the development of fire safety policy
  • fire safety educational messaging and communication
  • use of artificial intelligence, emergiing technologies, gaming and other innovative solutions in developing best practice in fire safety education and awareness.

Proposals for a presentation at the seminar on the topics above can be sumitted before April 30st 2023.

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