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Revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive adopted


After over two years of discussion, analysis and negotiations, the European Parliament adopted the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) on March 12, 2024.

The proposed revision of the EPBD aimed to progressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the EU building sector and make it climate neutral by 2050. It also aims to have more worst-performing buildings renovated and improve information-sharing on energy performance.

The implementation of these aims will lead to an unprecedented transformation of the European building stock and society. While offering substantial benefits for energy and climate goals, this transformation will inevitably introduce new risks for EUs citizens. The use of new materials, products, and technologies bringing along new types of risks about which the experience and knowledge base is thin. If not addressed properly, it can seriously compromise fire safety and the success of the energy transition.

That is why, the European Fire Safety Alliance together with many other organizations working on improvement of fire safety in the EU, has developed and proposed provisions for the EPBD regarding fire and electrical safety of the energy transformation, a significant part of which was included in the final text of the Directive.

It is a great step forward and a significant contribution to improving fire safety of the EU citizens.

See text of revised EPBD here.
See extract of provisions regarding fire and electrical safety here.


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