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Two landmark articles published

The European project ‘Closing data gaps and paving the way for pan-European Fire Safety Efforts’ was successfully completed in 2022. The EuroFSA was one of the participating consortium partners, and Rene Hagen was the project leader of the sub-project ‘Data needed for decision making’. Researchers from the Netherlands Institute for Public Safety (NIPV) also worked on this project on behalf of EuroFSA.

Due to the scientific value of the project, in addition to the various project reports that have been published in the past period, two scientific articles about the results have been published in the Fire Technology Journal, recently.

Our chair, Krzysztof Biskup, who participated in the steering committee of the project, is proud that the NIPV researchers Margrethe Kobes, Mindel Leene, and Johanna Veeneklaas are co-authors of these important scientific articles on behalf of EuroFSA and congratulates them on these publications.

Researcher and co-author Margrethe Kobes explains: “In a consortium, we collaborated with universities and other partners from nine different countries. The aim of the project was to enable data-based decisions about fire safety and to support the member states of the EU in actions and initiatives related to fire safety and fire prevention.”

Publication_Closing Data Gaps and Paving the Way_Part I
Publication_Closing Data Gaps and Paving the Way_Part II
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