Fire Safety Week 2020 - WEBINAR #3: Smoke propagation in residential buildings

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WEBINAR #3: Wednesday November 18th – 10h00-11h30 (CET)

Smoke propagation in residential buildings 

The problems and the solutions

Focus Area

To counteract the main effect of the increased smoke development and smoke propagation (i.e. people have less time to escape), the most effective action is to avoid (or limit) smoke development in the first place. This is especially true because the effectiveness of any possible measures (such as preventing the fast propagation of smoke or the early warning of people) is highly dependent on the degree of self-reliance of those present. Without help, most elderly people and people with a physical disability cannot escape quickly enough or cannot escape at all. Children are also often in need of guidance to be able to escape safely and in time.

The next action points are the objectives of this focus area:

  • Improve and increase the use of fire-safe upholstered furniture and mattresses through the introduction of an EU-standard for end-use products.
  • Ensure that smoke detectors have a much broader application in European homes. If people are not able to escape quickly enough or cannot escape at all, install domestic sprinklers as they are an indispensable solution in these circumstances.
  • Evaluate and improve the functioning of Lower Ignition Propensity (LIP) cigarettes.

Programme and presentations (PDF)

10:00 Welcome and introduction
René Hagen, European Fire Safety Alliance (PDF Presentation)
10:10 Introduction to smoke propagation and reduced escape times
Patrick van Hees, Lund University (PDF Presentation)

Recent research

10:25 Results of experiments on smoke propagation in residential buildings
Lieuwe De Witte, IFV Institute for Safety (PDF Presentation)
10:50 Discussion with and questions from the audience
René Hagen and Lieuwe De Witte


11:05 Connected and follow-up research on smoke propagation
Bart Merci, Ghent University and Pieter Poppe, VIPA (PDF Presentation)
11:20 Implementation of the lessons learned in the European Fire
Safety Action Plan
René Hagen, European Fire Safety Alliance


This webinar is part of the European Fire Safety Week 2020 and was organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance.