Fire Safety Week 2020 - WEBINAR #2: Awareness of Fire Safety

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WEBINAR #2: Tuesday November 17th – 14h00-15h30 (CET)

Awareness of Fire Safety

People being aware of their responsibilities regarding fire safety is of utmost importance. If people act fire safe, the chances of a fire breaking out are reduced. And if people know how to act when a fire does break out, the chance of casualties is decreased. Education in and awareness of fire safety is therefore an essential aspect of a more fire-safe Europe. Because, in the end, people make the difference.

Fire hazards in the residential environment cause deaths, (disabling) injuries and hospital visits that could have been avoided through behavioural and environmental modifications. Unfortunately, there is a lack of awareness about household safety practices and procedures. Many adults are not aware of how to minimise the fire risk in their homes, something which is reason enough to raise the awareness about home safety hazards and to teach people fire safety techniques to prevent fires from breaking out.

It is also crucial that people know how to react effectively in the stressful situation whenever a fire occurs, something which is essential for their survival. Naturally, the safest method of dealing with residential fires is to take measures to prevent them and it is worth to remember that almost all residential fires are preventable.

The objective of this webinar is to:

  • discuss possible actions which could be taken by the European Union institutions to encourage and support activities of the Member States in rising fire safety awareness among the EU citizens.

Programme and presentations (PDF)

14:00    — Welcome and introduction
Christel von Reeken, European Fire Safety Alliance
14:05    — Opening by Seán Kelly, Member of the European Parliament, Ireland
Awareness of Fire Safety: What is the problem?
14:10    — What is the problem? Insight in Fire Safety Statistics – What do we know about risk groups?
Brita Somerkoski, University of Turku, Finland
(PDF Presentation)
Perspective of Fire Service professionals
14:25     — Education: Fire service perspective
Veerle De Decker, Antwerp Fire Service, Belgium
(PDF Presentation)
14:40     — Education: BFireSafe@School Program
Finian Joyce, FEU, Ireland
(PDF Presentation)
Perspectives from stakeholders
14:55    — Awareness and Fire Safety Products
Claudia Groetschel, Rauchmelder Retten Leben, Germany
(PDF Presentation)
15:05    — Perspective of the European Burns Association
Koen Maertens, EBA PAM Chair Prevention Committee (Belgium)
(PDF Presentation)
15:15    — Exchange with audience / MEP / DG
Christel von Reeken, European Fire Safety Alliance
15:25   — Wrap up: How can the European Commission help?
Christel von Reeken, European Fire Safety Alliance


This webinar is part of the European Fire Safety Week 2020 and was organised by the European Fire Safety Alliance.